Emergency Assistance (PRC)

Prevention, Retention, and Contingency (PRC) is a special category of assistance established to help with urgent needs which are too expensive for some people–yet mean the difference in keeping or getting a job.

Services to eligible families which will help them avoid an impending crisis that would, otherwise, force them to request ongoing public assistance.

Help to eligible families that, without PRC, would lead the breadwinner(s) of the family to lose his/her job.

Services to meet an emergency need which, if left unattended, threatens the health and/or well-being of one or more of the family members.

Emergency Assistance (PRC) Application:

Microsoft Word forms that can be downloaded and completed in Word.
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Emergency Assistance (PRC) Application – Microsoft Word Version

Adobe Acrobat forms that can be downloaded, printed, and may need
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Emergency Assistance (PRC) Application – Adobe Acrobat Version (PDF)

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