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Foster Care & Adoption Rules – Ohio Administrative Code


Ohio Admin Code Rule Description
5101:2-5-09.1 Criminal records check required for certain prospective employees and certified foster caregivers.
5101:2-5-10 Child records.
5101:2-5-11 Complaint handling.
5101:2-5-13 Required agency policies, plans and procedures.
5101:2-5-16 Consideration to be given to child’s religion, beliefs and practices.
5101:2-5-17 Discharge summary.
5101:2-5-18 Waivers and variances.
5101:2-5-20 Initial application and completion of the foster care homestudy.
5101:2-5-22 Recommendations for initial foster home certification.
5101:2-5-24 Foster home recertifications.
5101:2-5-26 Procedures for revocation, denial of initial certification or denial of recertification of a foster home certificate.
5101:2-5-27 Agency procedure for the termination of a foster home certificate.
5101:2-5-28 Agency cause for denial of initial certification, denial of recertification or revocation of a foster home certificate.
5101:2-5-29 Agency requirements for foster home records.
5101:2-5-30 Foster care amendments.
5101:2-5-31 Sharing or transferring a foster home.
5101:2-5-32 Occupancy limitations and accessibility.
5101:2-5-33 Foster caregiver preplacement and continuing training.
5101:2-5-35 Children’s rights.
5101:2-5-38 Payment of foster caregiver training stipends; reimbursement of training allowances to recommending agencies.
5101:2-5-40 Preplacement and continuing training programs.
5101:2-7-02 General requirements for foster caregivers and applicants.
5101:2-7-03 The care and treatment team.
5101:2-7-04 Records and confidentiality.
5101:2-7-05 Sleeping arrangements.
5101:2-7-06 Meals.
5101:2-7-07 Health services.
5101:2-7-08 Alternative care arrangements.
5101:2-7-09 Care, supervision and discipline.
5101:2-7-10 Care of a foster child under age two.
5101:2-7-11 Socialization and education.
5101:2-7-12 Site and safety requirements for a foster home.
5101:2-7-13 Foster home certificate.
5101:2-7-14 Required notification.
5101:2-7-15 Transportation.
5101:2-7-16 Additional requirements for a treatment foster caregiver and a treatment foster home.
5101:2-7-17 Additional requirements for a foster caregiver for medically fragile children and a medically fragile foster home.
5101:2-42-05 Selection of a placement setting.
5101:2-42-18.1 Non-discrimination requirements for foster care placements.
5101:2-42-19 Requirements for the provision of independent living services to youth in custody.
5101:2-42-65 Caseworker visits and contacts with children in substitute care.
5101:2-42-65.1 Exit interviews when a child in custody leaves an out of home placement.
5101:2-42-66 Administrative procedures for comprehensive health care for children in placement.
5101:2-42-66.1 Comprehensive health care for children in placement.
5101:2-42-66.2 Documentation of comprehensive health care for children in placement.
5101:2-42-67 Preparation of lifebook.
5101:2-42-68 Necessity for continued substitute care placement: court reviews and hearing requirements.
5101:2-42-87 Termination of substitute care and custody of a child.
5101:2-42-88 Requirements when a child in substitute care disrupts from placement or is absent without leave (AWOL).
5101:2-42-90 Information to be provided to children, caregivers, school districts and juvenile courts.
5101:2-42-92 Visitation for child in temporary custody.
5101:2-48-09 Application process and preservice training.
5101:2-48-10 Restrictions concerning provision of adoption services.
5101:2-48-11.1 Foster caregiver adoption of a foster child or sibling group who has resided with the caregiver for at least six consecutive months.
5101:2-48-12 Completion of the adoption homestudy.
5101:2-48-12.1 Adoption homestudy updates.
5101:2-48-12.2 Required notification and adoption homestudy amendments.
5101:2-48-13 Non-discrimination requirements for adoptive placements.
5101:2-48-15 Provision of information to a prospective adoptive parent matched with a specific child.
5101:2-48-19 Sharing or transferring an adoptive homestudy.