Foster Care & Adoption Policies

100.2.0 Assault/Menacing by the Public
100.4.0 Confidentiality 11/15/2010
100.5.0 Grievance/Complaint Procedure for Clients 05/08/2011
100.5.0 – S Grievance/Complaint Procedure for Clients 05/08/2011 – Spanish
100.7.0 Dual Relationships
100.10.0 Mandatory Reporting of Criminal Offense
100.12.0 Sexual Harassment
100.13.0 Transportation 07/26/2011
100.19.0 Agency Policy/Driving Requirements for Employees, Foster Caregivers, and Contract Drivers
100.26.0 Policy & Procedure for Research Involving Persons Served
100.27.0 Policy and Procedure / Duty to Warn
100.40.0 Public Records Policy


200.2.0 Foster Care/Adoption Services Index and Policy 01/03/2016


500.1.0 Children in Custody at Age 18
500.2.0 Participation in Human Research Projects, Fund Raising and Publicity Activities with Children in Custody
500.4.0 Authorizing and Securing Medical Treatment for Children in Custody 05/12/2013
500.5.0 Care and Discipline of Children in Custody 01/07/2011
500.6.0 Clothing and Personal Items of Children in Custody
500.07.0 College for Children in Custody
500.8.0 Discharge from Foster/Substitute Care Services
500.9.0 Driver’s Training, Driver’s License, Operating, and Owning Vehicles for Children/Adults in Agency Custody 06/21/2011
500.10.0 Helmets and Safety Gear for Children in Custody
500.11.0 Home Schooling for Children in Custody
500.12.0 Hunters’ Safety Course, Using and Owning Firearms and Weapons
500.13.0 Life Skills Assessment and Independent Living Plan for Children in Custody
500.15.0 Placement Decisions for Children in Custody
500.16.0 Placement of Children in Custody With HIV/AIDS or at High Risk of Contracting Either Disease
500.17.0 Religious Participation, Socialization and Education for Children in Custody
500.21.0rb Visitation Policy and Guidelines for Children in Custody 05/12/2013
500.22.0 Children’s Rights 01/31/2012
500.23.0 Researching American Indian Heritage for Children in Custody 05/10/2011
500.24.0 Overnight Stays for Children in Custody 11/02/2011
500.25.0 Body Piercing and Tattooing of Children in Custody
500.26.0 Matching A Child In Custody With An Appropriate Foster Care Placement
500.27.0 Children Services Procedure/Changes in Substitute Care Placements 01/15/2013
500.28.0 Children Services Policy and Procedure/School Enrollment for Children in Custody
500.29.0 Children Services Policy/Original Birth Certificates for Children in Custody
500.31.0 Procedures for Conducting Good-Bye Visits 05/13/2013
500.32.0 Death of A Child in Custody 05/12/2013
500.33.0 Legal Representation for Children in Custody
500.34.0 Influenza and H1N1 Influenza Vaccination of Children in Custody
500.35.0 Mental Health Screenings for Children in Agency Custody 12/03/2010
500.36.0 Notification of Parents or Legal Custodians of Behavioral Management Practices 12/14/2010
500.37.0 Internet and Cell Phone Usage by Children in Custody of TCJFS 05/27/2011
500.38.0 Travel Policy for Children in Substitute Care 07/29/2011
500.39.0 Dental Care for Children in Custody 06/21/2011
500.42.0 Monitoring the use of psychotropic medications by children in agency custody
500.43.0 Foster Parent Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard


600.1.0 Child Information for Caregivers at Time of Placement
600.2.0 Cost Guidelines and Limitations for Children in Custody 8/05/2019
600.4.0 Emergency Child Caregiver Requirements
600.5.0 Foster/Adoptive Home Recruitment Policy 4/2013
600.6.0 Foster Caregiver Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect
600.7.0 A Good Cause and Foster Caregivers= Continuing Training Requirements
600.8.0 Legal Issues Related to Foster Caregivers
600.9.0 Reimbursement for Foster Caregivers 08/05/2019
600.10.0 Required Notification of Critical Events Involving Children in Custody
600.11.0 Requirements for Adoptive Homes to Resume Fostering
600.12.0 Sharing of a Family Foster Home
600.13.0 Transfer of a Family Foster Home
600.14.0 Third Party Investigations Involving a Foster Parent 04/11/2011
600.15.0 Procedures to Follow When a Child in Custody Runs Away 06/21/2012
600.16.0 Notification From Foster Parents or Prospective Foster Caregivers Regarding Convicted Residents
600.17.0 Additional Requirements for Foster and Adoptive Home 04/11/2011
600.18.0 Policy for Liability Insurance Coverage for Agency Foster Homes
600.19.0 Children Services Policy and Procedure/Prevention and Control of Contagious/Infectious Diseases
600.20.0 Children Services Policy and Procedure/Monitoring Foster Caregivers’ Adherence to Rules, Policies, and Procedures
600.21.0 Procedure for Reviewing Licensed Foster Parents and Approved Adoptive Parents 04/11/2011
600.22.0 Foster Care and Adoption Training Policy 12/09/2011
600.24.0 Rights and Responsibilities of Substitute Caregivers 08/23/2011


800.5.0 Use of Play Equipment